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May 2013

May 2013


Meetings of the Polish group of participants in the project took place in May at Krasnogruda.

From the very beginning of the project, the participants were divided into three working groups: Augustowska, Sejny and Suwalska. Each group, under the guidance of a teacher/instructor, worked for a month, meeting once a week to develop specific topics of study.

At today’s meeting of all three groups, they each presented in detail the results of their local investigations. The Augustowska group focused on the tradition of Old Believers in the Suwalki region. The Sejneńska group sought out and examined old mansions and old buildings in the area, making an inventory of them. The Suwalska group began its examination of Suwalki multicultural cemetery that holds memory and indicates the presence of six denominations in the old Suwalki. Collected materials will be supplemented and developed in subsequent classes.


Here’s a powerpoint presentation from the Suwalki group, about their investigation into a local graveyard, to unpeel the layers of history evidenced there.  Please view presentation here (in Polish) - grupy z Suwałk.

Other project information in Polish can be found here:,1486.html



Participants learned about the history of the community of Protestant, Evangelical and Lutheran and Reformed Protestants. Evangelical Lutheran priest Arvydas Malinauskas told about the main characteristics of this profession and how it differs from Catholicism. The students visited the Lutheran church inside and out. Then come to know the history of Protestant reformers in Kėdainiai and the main features of this religion, what is similar and what is the different between Catholics and Lutherans. They also visited the Reformed Church to discuss the architecture and visited the mausoleum of the Princes Radziwiłów, whose sarcophagi are buried there, and heard about their life stories.